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Nilesh Bavishi

Cardiac Wellness

Positive Lifestyle Habits Directly Affect Cardiac Wellness

[Posted on June 11]

One hears so much on the news and the internet about positive lifestyle habits in relation to Cardiac wellness. Trying to sift through all of that information can be perplexing at best. Essentially a person needs to assess their lifestyle and first try to eliminate any known risk factors that can have a negative impact on the heart or promote heart disease in some fashion. A few examples are tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and a diet that is high in fat and salt. Some healthy choices to implement would be exercise, proper diet and regular sleep. Before starting an exercise regimen you should consult with your medical practitioner.

At the Dr. Nilesh Bavishi Cardiology Clinic, Dr. Nilesh Bavishi, F.A.C.C., is a practitioner of cardiology in Houston. Dr. Bavishi is a staunch advocate of preventive medicine and healthy lifestyle habits. Some preventive tests that the doctor might perform to assess your heart health are a Stress Echocardiogram, to check for coronary artery disease, Lipid Management to monitor cholesterol levels, an Electrocardiogram to diagnose many heart conditions, and an Echocardiogram to test for abnormalities in the muscles and valves.

Since Dr. Nilesh Bavishi is a Houston cardiologist who supports positive lifestyle changes for the promotion of cardiac wellness he successfully treats numerous patients from all over the greater Houston area. The Dr. Nilesh Bavishi Cardiology Clinic is located in Southwest Houston but he sees patients from Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Bellaire, Memorial, Bunker Hill, West University, Cinco Ranch, Katy, Richmond, and Rosenberg. Patient care and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to the doctor and his practice is committed to providing exemplary care.

If you are concerned about cardiac wellness you should contact the Dr. Nilesh Bavishi Cardiology Clinic today. It is never too late to put into practice positive and healthy lifestyle habits. They can make a world of difference in how you feel and more importantly, longevity. For more information about the Dr. Nilesh Bavishi Cardiology Clinic we encourage you to browse through our web site. You can use the convenient online appointment scheduling form as well as find out about heart disorders and the treatments we provide.

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